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“The Purple Driven Life”

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Embodying the Art of Love, Kindness and Generosity

Hardcover, printed in full color, using vivid inks and high-quality paper. 274 pages. Part II of the inspiring biography of artist Jeffrey Owen Hanson.

Poet Mary Oliver asked, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Jeffrey Hanson had an answer. A bold, creative, unlikely, unpredictable roller coaster of an answer. To live “the purple driven life.” For Jeff, being an artist, this implies his love of art, bold colors (especially purple) and his mission to change the world through art. He was driven to make a difference, despite his medical challenges. But the phrase also implies Jeff’s determination to live his own life, uninfluenced by other’s styles and opinions. He embraced the notion that he was different from everyone else. He never allowed his CLOD to define him. And as you will read, Jeff’s purple driven life was filled with love, kindness and generosity, leading him on an incredible journey.

But every story has a storm, Jeffrey. Yours had a hurricane.

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Great gift idea!

Jeff’s inspiring story of art, love, kindness and generosity – A visually impaired artist who changed the world through art!

(Full-color, hardcover book)

Order the two-part biography, Lessons From CLOD and The Purple Driven Life together and save $5.

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