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“Parade Through Barcelona”

Barcelona, the city of light and color is one of the world’s most inspiring and beloved cities for an artist.

Everywhere you look there is more stunning Antoni Gaudí architecture finished with his world-class mosaics. The colors and mosaics have inspired all sorts of decorations, signs and windows around the city.

Park Güell, a mosaic-filled World Heritage Site was designed by Antoni Gaudí. With its organic shapes and Gaudí House-Museum, the park is an excellent introduction to the city’s most famous architect.

Casa Batlló house is another Gaudí masterpiece. The house’s colorful windows, wavy walls, and dragon-like roof exemplify the architect’s creativity and Modernista principles.

Every August locals and tourists from around the world partake in the magnificent festival and parade called La Fiesta de Gràcia. The streets of Gracia come alive as the area is transformed with a mesmerizing display of vibrant, elaborate papier-mâché pieces, live music and an incredible atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

So for Jeff Hanson Art, the colorful city of Barcelona is a heavenly palette.

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  • Jeff Hanson Art Studio Original Painting (2021)
  • Heavily Textured Acrylic on Canvas
  • 48″ x 72″ x 2.5″
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • “Lessons From CLOD” Signed Book Included
  • Questions: Jeff Hanson Art 816-804-3791

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